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Example of a 9 Day Trip to Our Villa in Girona


Day 1: Departure from the USA.

Day 2: Arrival in Barcelona

MORNING: Arrive in Barcelona in the morning

  • Explore the vibrant Las Ramblas and enjoy the bustling atmosphere

  • Visit the picturesque Port Vell and take a relaxing stroll along the waterfront

  • We will have Brunch at the unique world known Mercat de la Boqueria

AFTERNOON: Settle at the Villa with a simple catering reception with Chees, jam and wines

Day 3: Girona and Banyoles

  • Take a day trip to Girona and explore its charming old town, medieval walls, and the Cathedral

  • Visit the beautiful Lake Banyoles and enjoy a relaxing lakeside walk or boat ride

Day 4: Pals, Beach, and Go-Karts

  • Visit the medieval town of Pals and admire its well-preserved architecture and narrow streets

  • Spend the afternoon at a nearby beach, enjoying the sun and sea

  • Finish the day with some adrenaline-pumping fun at a go-kart track

Day 5: Bike Trip and Pool Party

  • Embark on a scenic bike trip around medieval towns in the region

  • Explore the charming villages and enjoy the picturesque landscapes

  • Return to the villa for a refreshing pool party and relax in the tranquil surroundings

Day 6: Scuba Diving in Cadaqués and Dali Museum

  • Travel to the coastal town of Cadaqués and dive into the stunning underwater world with a scuba diving excursion

  • Visit the famous Dali Museum in Figueres and immerse yourself in the surreal art of Salvador Dali

Day 7: Full Day in Barcelona - Park Güell

  • Spend a full day in Barcelona exploring the city's iconic attractions

  • Visit Park Güell, a masterpiece of modernism designed by Antoni Gaudí

  • Enjoy the colorful mosaic works and panoramic views of the city

Day 8: Vineyard Visit

  • Take a day trip to a nearby vineyard and indulge in wine tasting and a tour of the vineyards

  • Learn about the winemaking process and sample some exquisite local wines

Day 9: Depart Spain and arrival in the USA.

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